HTML5 Games Workshop

Moving forward…

Congratulations! You completed the workshop and have a playable game you can share with other people.

However, you might have noticed that the finished version of the game is a bit more polished:

The source code of this version has been provided for you to peek around and learn from it. It doesn't contain significantly new things, so you should be able to follow it along with the help of Phaser's documentation.

A good way of learning would be to try to replicate those features without seeing the code beforehand. Check out Phaser's examples, look for tutorials online, answers in online forums, etc.

If you get stuck, or are curious about how a feature was implemented in this case (there's usually more than just one way of doing things!), you have the full source code at your disposal.

Some tips to take into account

Game development resources

If you are itching to make more games, you may want to check out the resources page, which lists tools, articles, etc. to develop HTML5 games!