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Launch a local server

All game engines that allow for asset loading within the engine require running the game in a local web server. The reason is that browsers, for security reasons, block files loading from different domains.

When you simply open an HTML file from your computer in the browser, the protocol used is file://. This means that the site is not running on any domain/address at all, and thus Phaser is unable to dynamically load assets such as images, audio files, etc.

The solution to this is to run a local web server in our machine and serve our files from there.

Depending on your operating system and what you have already installed, there are several ways to do this.

Note: we will assume that the game you want to run is inside the my-game directory.

If you have Node

If you have Node.js in your system… congratulations! You can just install a web server and run it whenever you need it.

Execute this line in your terminal / command line to install the http-server package:

npm -g install http-server

And then you can just run it from any directory and it will serve its contents:

cd my-game

An even better alternative…

For development you might also be interested in Browser Sync, a tool that will launch a server and automatically reload the browser when files are changed.

npm -g install browser-sync

This will launch a server and reload the browser whenever a JavaScript file is modified:

cd my-game
browser-sync start --server --files="**/*.js"

If you have Mac OS or Linux (or Python in your system)

If you have Python in your system –and you have it if you are running a Unix-like system, such as Mac OS X or Linux–, then you don't need to install anything else!

Run this from the terminal:

cd my-game
python -m SimpleHTTPServer

I don't have Node or Python :(

OK, don't panic! Here are some alternatives: