HTML5 Games Workshop

Setup your machine

In order to complete this workshop, you need to prepare your machine for HTML5 game development. If you are already a seasoned front-end developer, you might have already all the tools you need in your system!

This workshop is aimed at people from all levels. That is why we will only use the absolute minimum amount of tools and software.

This is what you need to have in place:

A text editor

You will use this to code the game. A good one is Atom, which is available for Windows, Mac and Linux and it's open source.

Other alternatives are:

A terminal

Depending on how you choose to complete the next step (launching a local web server), you might need to use the terminal in your system. Learn how to launch the one in your system:

Of course, if you have already other terminals in your system and prefer those, feel free to use them!

Contents of this guide

  1. Setup your machine
  2. Launch a local server